Payments, Insurance and Privacy

Payment for Services
Lauren accepts payment in a number of ways, including cash, credit/debit cards, or electronic services like bank transfers, Paypal, etc.  She may be able to accommodate a client's needs, upon request.

While Lauren doesn’t currently accept insurance assignments, she can provide forms that empower you to get reimbursed from your health insurance company.

Healthcare or Privacy?
Health insurance in the U.S. is usually provideed by for-profit businesses, that prioritize their financial health over your physical or emotional health. That said, it is certainly frustrating to pay for insurance you cannot use. Only you can decide if your privacy is important now, and will always be important in the future.

Who Determines Your Eligibility?
Decisions regarding your eligibility for insurance for counseling is often implemented by a clerk assigned with controlling finances.  Some insurance policies will not pay for counseling, unless accompanied by a psychiatric diagnosis, instead of the situational, relationship, or employment difficulties that many people may be dealing with.  Lauren cannot and will not provide such psychiatric diagnoses.

Privacy and Your Permanent Record
Lauren believes the most important long-term issue is privacy. Your employer may have access to your health records, and your insurance company certainly does. These companies generally protect your privacy to some extent, as defined in their policies, but policies or corporate ownership may change, and you may lose access to your privacy.  Also, any corporate record of counseling or diagnosis may affect the employers' judgement, when considering human resources decisions.

Data Breaches and Sensitive Information
Lauren takes minimal notes, in a notebook, to assist in helping her clients.  Notes are always kept securely locked when not in use, never transcribed, digitized, or otherwise released, unless required by a court of law, or expressly permitted by a client.  These records are kept only as long as required by law, then securely destoyed, to maintain confidentiality.  Larger companies may store sensitive data in vulnerable networked databases that may be breached in a number of ways.

Self-Payment Might Mean Better Care
Insurance plans generally cover a very limited number of therapy sessions, and restrict your choice of providers, to maximize their profit. If you seek care for significant issues or with a specific therapist that resonates with you, your overall costs might be lower..  Because Lauren doesn't need to wrangle with insurance companies, her fees are considerably lower than the usual and customary fees charged by therapists who accept insurance assignment. Details of Lauren’s fees can be found in the Professional Disclosure Statement.

Sliding Scale Fees
Lauren currently has no availability for people with special circumstances, hardship, etc. There is generally a waiting list for these slots. If you believe your circumstances require reduced fees, this can be addressed during the initial consultation, before a therapeutic relationship is established.

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