Monday, June 13 saw the celebration of the work of Janet Bray, the artist whose work  will be on display through August. Janet works in a number of artistic media, including watercolor, acrylic, ceramics, Russian Nesting Dolls, and botanicals. Her work is inspired by nature, primarily focusing on animals and plants.
The open house was attended by many, who viewed the art, socialized with each other, and got the chance to meet Janet, Lauren, and Art Director Patricia Veatch..
Lauren and Janet coming out of a cafe doorway on the streets of Paris; actually, in the WNC office during the opening
Janet discusses her painting with David and Cyndi
Award-winning artist Patricia Veatch has agreed to serve as WNC Counseling's Art Director. Patricia was the inaugural artist at WNC Counseling when the doors opened in early 2016.
In this role, Particia will vet the artwork on display in the gallery for appropriateness for the space. She will also coordinate logistics with the featured artists, helping guide their expectations, and assisting with displaying their art work in the best manner possible.
Welcome Patricia!